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About Red Star Union

Welcome to the state of the arts

Redstar is a new breed of live performance space where extraordinary live-venue experiences are transformed into gorgeous HD media.

We exist because quality video content has become an absolutely essential need for today’s artists & innovators. Our cutting edge studio is capable of producing full HD multi-camera video and multi-track audio, with a live audience, on the fly. We’re capable of streaming a performance to the web in real time, or delivering content for on-demand viewing.

The result is the ultimate live experience, captured and delivered to the web seemlessly and with unrivaled quality. We are a new breed of venue for a new media world.

A superior live room

  • Custom designed to record without distraction, our production equipment was fabricated and installed to be invisible to the artist and the audience
  • Acoustically-tuned and outfitted with the best sound reinforcement & audio recording equipment available
  • Highly stylized interior provides a warm, inviting atmosphere
  • Floor-to-ceiling LED curtain and multi-wall projection capability
  • Proxemics and sound isolation built for the highest degree of intimacy
  • Full backline production in-house and available for incoming artists

Advanced capability

  • LIVE HD Video Program & Superior Audio Mix simultaneously captured and streamed to the web in real time
  • Sony robotic controlled cameras supported by proprietary telescoping mounts and motorized rail system
  • Nimble lighting console controlling hybrid lighting system that incorporates cutting edge LED technology, complimented by traditional tungsten stage fixtures
  • Remote interaction via video telepresence with life-size rear projection allows partners to participate in from anywhere in the world
  • In-house green screen capability